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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, a list of frequently asked questions is provided below. Please be sure to review this list, as it is very possible that your question has already been answered here. If the solution you seek is not here, please feel free to contact us.

General Questions

Q: Does it cost anything to use Free YouTube to MP3 WMA Converter?

A: Nothing. Free YouTube to MP3 WMA Converter is a completely free and fully functional application, just as it advertised. To download it please go to download page. This download link is also free and there is no fussy registration.

Q: Is it safe to use Free YouTube to MP3 WMA Converter?

A: Of course it is safe. Free YouTube to MP3 WMA Converter is proved to be a good application which has received top ratings from almost all software sites. Use your anti-virus software to scan the file downloaded from our website and we promise you no virus, spyware or adware will be found.

Q: Does Free YouTube to MP3 WMA Converter support other output audio formats except MP3 and WMA?

A: Yes. Free YouTube to MP3 WMA Converter supports many output audio formats such as WAV, MP3, MP2, WMA, OGG, AAC, M4A and FLAC.

Q: Can Free YouTube to MP3 WMA Converter be used on a Windows 8, 7 or MAC operating system?

A: Free YouTube to MP3 WMA Converter works stably with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 operating system, but it temporarily does not support MAC system. We will continue to develop new version to fix this in the future versions.

Q: What is the maximum duration for conversion with Free YouTube to MP3 WMA Converter?

A: We recommend not making long, continuous audio files to a single audio file because: 1. There can be a technical limitation to the maximum file size permitted. This is imposed by the file system used on the hard drive. For example, in a FAT32 file system on Windows there is a 4GB limit. However, most computers these days are set up with NTFS file systems and no such limit is imposed. 2. There are many practical reasons why files of this big size and long duration are not helpful. It is a difficulty to edit an audio file of this size and in fact it may lead to the failure of loading into audio editing software. Additionally, if the audio file needs to be sent to a third party (for example, as an email attachment), it may be barred by most mail servers due to its enormous size.

Q. Where can I find my audio files?

A. Free YouTube to MP3 WMA Converter directly output the audio files in the output directory you specify with the "select" button after clicking "Next".

Q. I can download the video file into my computer. Is that legal?

A. Yes, when you watch a video in flash from a website (like YouTube) the video is downloaded into your computer, in the folder "Temporary Internet Files" of your browser. The program does the same thing, allowing you to select the destination folder. This means that the file is saved on your computer while you watch the video and there remains until you do not delete. You can use the saved audio files for personal purpose only. We do not assume any responsibilities to content you are attempting to download and strongly recommend that you do not convert copyrighted material.

Q. Why can't I convert videos from YouTube with the right address?

A. Perhaps you're using an old version of Free YouTube to MP3 WMA Converter. Please download and install its latest version. If you have trouble converting videos from YouTube, you should try viewing the video with Internet Explorer first to check if your computer or the website is online.

Q. Can I use a proxy server to download?

A. Free YouTube to MP3 WMA Converter uses the default proxy server defined in Internet Explorer Options.

Q. Can I add multiple URLs to the task list?

A. Yes, you can add multiple tasks and arrange their orders to process.


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